kill dallisgrass bermuda lawn
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Dallisgrass in Bermuda Lawn

Killing Dallisgrass In Bermuda Lawn Doc covers killing dallisgrass in your Bermuda lawn as well as other grassy weeds.  A full day of lawn care including a light coat of summer fertilizer Doc discusses various […]

spring pre emergent how to
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Spring Pre Emergent

Spring Pre Emergent for Lawns The rules and guidelines for spring pre emergents are listed below. Follow Doc’s simple rules for a great lawn all year long. NOTE: make sure you also do the KICK […]

kill weeds in bermuda lawn
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how to kill weeds in Bermuda grass

How to Kill Weeds in Bermuda Grass It’s late winter or early spring, depending on your area, and while your Bermuda grass is still fairly dormant the weeds are coming on strong.  Because our Bermuda […]

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How to Kill Nutsedge

Kill Nutsedge in Lawn Nutsedge is a really tough lawn weed, but Doc shows you how to kill nutsedge in your lawn. Video Nutsedge Killers ← The Dismiss Doc uses. Click to see on Amazon […]

restore bermuda lawn
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Restoring Bermuda Lawn

A step by step guide how to restore your Bermuda grass lawn. UPDATE POSTED ON FACEBOOK—–>  CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS Even the worst Bermuda grass lawns can be restored over time.  Believe it or […]

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Killing Winter Weeds

Here’s the easy way to kill winter weeds, going into early spring. Inspect your lawn and determine what weeds you have. (Use the WEED ID page we link to.)  Write down which weeds need to […]

granular preemergent
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Granular Pre Emergent

Not all granular pre-emergents are the same. Doc explains why the DG formula of lawn preemergent is the best. The DG particles DO NOT dissolve like regular granulars. They disperse as soon as water hits […]

killing winter lawn weeds
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Kill Winter Lawn Weeds

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from average home owners about killing winter weeds in their lawns.  Let’s face it, just about all of us have some winter lawn weeds that have grown during […]