clear up dirty pond water
Farm Life

How to Clear Up Pond Water

How to Clear Up Pond Water Doc shows the results of treating the dirty / cloudy pond water. Testing different treatments for over 2 months the results are clear as to what clears up dirty […]

pond water test kit
Farm Life

Pond Water Testing Kit DIY

Pond Water Testing Kit DIY Doc shows the pond water testing kit that tests for the most common problems in pond water.  The test is simple to use and Doc offers some tips about how […]

deer food plots
Farm Life

Planting Deer Food Plots

Planting Deer Food Plots Doc finishes planting the deer food plots for the upcoming fall season.  Once these food plots start to grow the bucks come out to them.  There is very limited crops in […]

live video game camera
deer hunting

Deer Game Camera with Live Video

Deer Game Camera with Live Video Doc reviews his new live view deer game camera with full 2k video. This is such a fun game camera to use and can be addicting. He installs the […]

setting beaver traps
Farm Life

Trapping Beavers

Setting Live Beaver Traps Doc sets the live beaver traps around the pond. The beaver damage is getting quite extensive and the beavers must be removed. Over 40 trees have been stripped by the beaver […]

shed foundation with gravel
Around the House

Gravel Shed Foundation

Gravel Shed Foundation Doc builds another storage shed foundation out of gravel. This shed will be a large barn shed and will require extra reinforcement. One goal of using gravel is to keep pests out […]

install gravel driveway
Around the House

How to Install Gravel Driveway

How to Install Gravel Driveway Doc installs the second gravel driveway which is also over 1000 feet long.  When installing a gravel driveway #57 gravel will offer the best drainage, however crush-n-run will help build […]