pressure washing concrete driveways
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How to Pressure Wash Driveways

How to Pressure Wash Driveways Doc explains how to pressure wash driveways and other surfaces as well as showing the needed accessories that make the pressure washing job much easier.  A step by step guide […]

best value priced chainsaw
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Best Value Gas Chainsaw

Best Value Priced Gas Chainsaw Doc reviews his two new value priced gas powered chainsaws. The name brand might shock you but the overall VALUE of these chainsaws is worth looking into. The 18 inch […]

sharpen chainsaw file
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Sharpen Chainsaw with File

Sharpen Chainsaw with File Doc sharpens chainsaw with a file in just a few minutes.  This quick field sharpen is great when you hit gravel, rocks, or just feel the saw is cutting slow.   Sharpen […]

pressure washing driveways
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How to Pressure Wash Concrete Driveway

How to Pressure Wash Concrete Driveway Doc shows how to pressure wash a driveway step by step. From picking the right pressure washer to the accessories that make the job so much easier and faster. […]

pressure washing old wood decks
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Pressure Washing Wood Decks

Pressure Washing Wood Decks and Docks Doc pressure washes an old deck / dock and prepares it for staining. Many old decks have soft areas including rotted wood. If you use a TIP to pressure […]

tow behind sprayer review
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Tow Behind Sprayer

Tow Behind Lawn Sprayer Review Doc tests his new tow behind sprayer on the lawn and gives his review of the larger tow behind sprayer.   Tow behind sprayers offer larger lawn and land owners an […]

best oil for lawn mowers
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Best Motor Oil Small Engines

What is the Best Motor Oil for Lawn Mowers What’s the best motor oil to use on lawn mowers and small engines?  Doc discusses the options and shows some tips for getting your equipment ready […]

reel mowing lawns
Bermuda Grass Care

Reel Mowing Lawns

Reel Mowing Lawns and Best Reel Mowers Reel mowing lawns and Doc explains his top pick for reel mowers. The crew spends the day reel cutting the Bermuda lawns.  During the hot summer months it’s […]

pressure washing concrete pool deck
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Pressure Washing Concrete Pool

How To Pressure Wash Concrete Pool Doc and the crew pressure wash the concrete pool deck.  He walks you through the best equipment and techniques for pressure washing the concrete.  There are a few accessories […]