battery lawn edger
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Battery Powered Lawn Edger

What Battery Powered Lawn Edger to Buy Doc has been testing his new battery powered lawn edger combo for the past 6 weeks.  This edger can also be converted to a stick edger which is […]

pressure washing concrete driveways
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How to Pressure Wash Concrete Driveway

How to Pressure Wash Concrete Driveway How to properly pressure wash your driveway? Pressure washing can be done by anyone and requires little to no skills. However, choosing the right equipment will make a big […]

best rated pressure washer
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Best Pressure Washer 2020

Which is the Best Pressure Washer There seems to be a sweet spot when it comes to pressure washers.  It’s a combination of cleaning ability, price, quality, reliability, and the over feeling that you have […]

convert easy oil change john deere
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Easy Oil Change Conversion John Deere

Easy Oil Change Conversion John Deere Doc shows you step by step how to convert the easy oil change system back to a traditional oil change system on a John Deere.  The easy oil change […]

pressure washing concrete driveway
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Pressure Washing Driveways

Pressure Washing Concrete Driveways Pressure Washing Products Top Picks Best Pressure Washer for the Money This is the exact unit that Doc owns… and uses in the video. It pairs up perfectly with the surface […]

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Hard to Reach Grease Fittings

Hard to Reach Grease Fittings Most power equipment such as lawn mowers, riding mowers, and even some spreaders have grease fittings. However, many of these grease fittings are hard to reach.  Doc set out to […]

best storm generator
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Best Home Generators – Hurricane Prep

Doc’s top picks for home generators. Hurricane, Winter storm, and general outage prep. Today, I’m ordering my new generator after 6 MONTHS… of studying them, researching them, and testing. I hope this info helps YOU. […]