bermuda seed germination
Bermuda Grass Care

Bermuda Lawn Seed

Bermuda Lawn Seed Planting Doc planted Bermuda lawn seeds and now they are germinating. The germination process and some care tips for newly seeded lawns. Remember to watch the seed videos discussing the varieties and […]

super juice golf green
Bermuda Grass Care

Backyard Putting Green Super Juice Spray

Spraying Putting Green with Super Juice Doc sprays the backyard putting green with Super Juice and figures out the putting green cup hole placement. Super Juice will help with seed germination as well as giving […]

feeding soil lawn and garden
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Improve Lawn and Garden Soils

How to Improve Lawn and Garden Soils Doc walks you through the process of improving your lawn and garden soils.  Our goal is to increase the soil microbial activity as well as add carbon and […]

humichar application
Bermuda Grass Care

Humichar Application

How to Apply and Use Humichar Doc shows you how to apply Humichar and how it works in the lawn and garden. Humichar Application Video CEC Video Products and Links Sign Up for Alerts and […]

bermuda lawn care
Bermuda Grass Care

Spring Lawn Care Treatments

Spring Lawn Care Treatments Doc and friends do a full day of spring lawn care including cutting the Bermuda lawn, putting down PGF Fertilizer, and a Humichar treatment.  All four Bermuda lawns are cut and […]

spring lawn care humichar
Bermuda Grass Care

Humichar Lawn Biochar Application

How to Apply Humichar A full lawn treatment including HUMICHAR lawn biochar, PGF Complete fertilizer, organic lawn fertilizer (organic matter), and Super Juice lawn spray.   One of the final lawn treatments of the spring and […]

over seeding bermuda
Bermuda Grass Care

Over Seeding Bermuda Lawn

Over Seeding Bermuda Lawn People often make the mistake of over seeding their Bermuda lawn when all the really need to do is treat the weeds and create new growth.  The next mistake is to […]

thick green lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

Thick Green Lawn

How to Get Thick Green Lawn Doc shows the steps to get a thick green lawn. Follow some simple rules and your lawn can be super thick and green in a matter of weeks.   Spring […]

cheap organic lawn fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Cheap Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Cheap Organic Lawn Fertilizer Organic lawn fertilizer is a little tricky to understand but Doc explains it.  Doc shows you the cheap organic material that he tested last fall and is currently using.  Remember, you […]

spring bermuda lawn treatments
Bermuda Grass Care

Spring Bermuda Lawn Treatments

Spring Bermuda Lawn Treatments In the video below Doc talks about spring Bermuda lawn treatments and the recent wet weather we are experiencing. It’s important to remember that ANY lawn product that needs to be […]