summer lawn treatments
Bermuda Grass Care

Multiple Lawn Treatments

Apply Multiple Lawn Treatments the Same Day Doc and Jess apply multiple lawn treatments all at once.  This question comes up all the time and the answer is YES. You can apply what your lawn […]

organic garden fertilizer

Natural Organic Garden Fertilizer

How to Make Natural Organic Garden Fertilizer Doc walks you through his tips for creating natural organic garden fertilizer.  This year Doc has been using natural organic matter to create nutrients in the soil and […]

lawn care fall planing
Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Care Planning 2020

Lawn Care Planning for the Summer and Fall Doc talks about lawn care planning for the late summer and fall.  He expects to see some supply chain shortages as the fall approaches.  He goes over […]

bermuda lawn care summer
Bermuda Grass Care

Bermuda Lawn Care Summer

Summer Bermuda Lawn Care Doc and crew had a rather strange week of Bermuda lawn care but in the end, the lawn is looking great.  Doc goes over HUMICHAR and some myths as well as […]

Around the House

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Harvest

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Harvest Doc spends the morning harvesting from the raised bed vegetable garden.  This year’s vegetable garden was grown without traditional fertilizers. Instead a compost of HUMICHAR and organic matter was used. […]

improve lawn soil humichar
Bermuda Grass Care

Improve Lawn Soil

How to Improve Your Lawn Soil Doc walks you through how to improve your lawn soil using Humichar biochar and explains how it works. HUMICHAR is micronized which is the ONLY way that biochar can […]

vegetable garden disease insects
Around the House

How to Treat Vegetable Garden Disease and Insects

How to Treat Vegetable Garden Disease and Insects With the warm humid weather comes problems with our vegetable gardens.  Doc explains some simple steps on treating vegetable garden disease and fungus.  It’s just a fact […]

summer lawn fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

The Best Summer Lawn Fertilizer

Best Summer Lawn Fertilizer Bermuda lawns actually need a summer lawn fertilizer, however the key is to apply lightly and combine natural and organic fertilizers for a mild feeding.  Doc walks you through his summer […]

vegetable garden fertilizer natural

How to Fertilize Vegetables Naturally

How to Fertilize Vegetables Naturally Fertilizing your garden naturally can be done using the basic approach of breaking down organic matter.  In this video, Doc fertilizes his vegetable garden naturally.  When rich organic matter is […]

vegetable garden organic soil

How to Make Organic Garden Soil

Hot to Make Organic Garden Soil Using HUMICHAR and a few other ingredients, Doc makes a super nutrient rich garden soil and shows the results.  The organic matter in the compost is broken down and […]