blink outdoor camera batteries
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How Long do Blink Camera Batteries Last

How Long do Blink Camera Batteries Last Doc replaces the Blink camera batteries after 2 years.  The Blink cameras were installed two years ago and Doc is finally replacing them.  None of the Blink cameras […]

best first drone

Which is the Best First Drone

Best First Drone to Buy Doc walks you through his selection process as a drone USER. Buying your first drone has a lot to do with your budget, but also how you’re going to use […]

best camera youtube
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Best Camera for YouTube

Are you looking for the best video camera for YouTube videos?  Pick the camera that will make your life easy, remove additional problems and work, and one that will constantly shoot great looking video NO […]

stop video camera wind noise
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Prevent Wind Noise on Video Camera

In this video Doc shows you how to stop and prevent wind noise on video cameras.  This method is the ONLY method he has found that will prevent 100% of the wind noise you normally […]