lawn liquid spray fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Spray Fertilizers

Spraying Lawns with Fertilizers Doc sprays the lawn with a liquid fertilizer / supplement.  Super Juice is a very mild lawn supplement that contains 4% iron and gives the lawn a “green boost” within 48 […]

super juice golf green
Bermuda Grass Care

Backyard Putting Green Super Juice Spray

Spraying Putting Green with Super Juice Doc sprays the backyard putting green with Super Juice and figures out the putting green cup hole placement. Super Juice will help with seed germination as well as giving […]

spring lawn care humichar
Bermuda Grass Care

Humichar Lawn Biochar Application

How to Apply Humichar A full lawn treatment including HUMICHAR lawn biochar, PGF Complete fertilizer, organic lawn fertilizer (organic matter), and Super Juice lawn spray.   One of the final lawn treatments of the spring and […]