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  1. Thanks to Kate for the pic…..
    Thank you for your YouTube videos. I’m in the hot part of Northern California (average 95 – 105 during the summer). In the past, my lawns have always started to turn brown and/or get fungus starting in July and August. I used the PGF Complete and Super Juice on my lawns about two weeks ago. The improvement is amazing. It’s even helping to heal the female dog pee spots! I have two labradoodles and tried everything I could find to help prevent the pee burn spots, to no avail. Hurray for PGF Complete and Super Juice! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

  2. We moved to GA 6 months ago and didn’t know anything about Bermuda grass. We inherited a lawn full of weeds. We hired a national lawn service to treat the weeds and it got worse. I canceled them and researched how to fix it myself and found How to with Doc. We purchased PGF Complete and Superjuice and now we have a lawn that is green, thick and lush. Thank you Doc for saving our lawn! We love your videos.

  3. Been following “How To with Doc” for the past year after we moved to a home that had bermuda. Last year I did nothing but use pre-emergant in the fall, but didn’t do anything in the spring. I wasn’t really happy with how my lawn was looking (a bit sparse, not super green and patchy). Once I saw the video’s that PGF Complete was for sale, and COULD be applied during the summer time, I purchased a bag and tried it on my front lawn. After ONE WEEK, I saw a huge difference. I quickly ordered 2 more bags, and have applied the second bag to my backyard. Leaving back #3 for a second application in about 6 weeks.

    After my initial application, I watered it the first 2 days, and then got a good amount of rain, so I stopped watering aside from a few of the scalp marks that browned out pretty bad.

    I also began using a reel mover, and have noticed an improvement in quality of the lawn. I’ve been getting compliments form my neighbors about the color, as well as thickness of my lawn.

    PGF Complete is now my go-to, and I think in the spring time I’m going to spring for the Super Juice too!

    I’ve also got my father-in-law, my father, and 2 of my neighbors hooked on it!


    • Wow, I am super impressed. I just moved into my first house and my grass is a little disappointing. I found out about Doc about a week ago and did my first application of Super Juice today. Now I have to get PGF Complete.

  4. I’ve been following you for a year now and my lawn looks amazing except for a few problem areas that won’t grow grass. I got a couple tons of topsoil and applied more seed (Yukon) and watered twice a day. Before I went on vacation it looked like the seeds were sprouting. Came back and it was bare as before? Any suggestions? I’m in southeast Virginia.

  5. This year I decided it was time to stop neglecting my lawn. I’ve been applying PGF complete every 4 weeks since it came out, and supplementing with super Juice every 2 weeks. Along with frequent watering my yard has begun to not only heal from the neglect, but the color of my lawn is dominating my neighbor’s lawn!

  6. Been following Doc for awhile now on Youtube. I’m glad I found his channel. I have definitely learned a lot being this is my first house I’ve owned. Bought the house earlier this year and and the yard needed some major attention. PGF complete works amazing. I watered mine in right after applying. The pics speak for themselves.

  7. Bought new house at end of March in Arizona. Started following how to with doc and using his method and products start with dirt and rocks. Four months later still got a few stops that need to fill in but looks good that it started form dirt. Still green with the 110° temperatures while everyone around that has grass is just burned out from the heat. Thanks Doc!

  8. I starting using PGF complete and super juice in May 2019. July I put down PGF complete and Humic DG. Super juice was put down at the half rate every 2 to 3 weeks. My lawn has never been this green, even during the hot weather.

  9. I am located in North Alabama and I have Zoysia grass in my yard. I have been using PGF Complete with Super Juice. My yard is the greenest yard in the subdivision. Thanks to Anderson’s and Doc’s video’s I treat my own lawn with pre-emergent and weed control products. Thanks for helping me become the one in my neighborhood everyone is coming to for help.

  10. Been following Doc since early Spring and amazed with the results! The top pic is my backyard in August of last year and the bottom 3 are June/July/August of this year. Live in SC and have put down 1 full strength treatment of PGF Complete and 1 treatment at half strength. Also spray super juice every 2-3 weeks and I put down 2 treatments of Humic DG early in the season.

  11. Located in Georgia outside of Atlanta and this is my new Bermuda lawn one week post PGF complete. Sod was installed about a month and a half ago.

  12. The first picture was my lawn 1 year ago. It was around 1% Bermuda, 5% dandelions, 94% crabgrass, and had serious soil issues. After following your Bermuda grass calendar, I was pleased to see no weeds in my lawn this spring… EXCEPT for the dreaded Poa Annua (second picture). Following the advice in your videos/posts, I was able to kill off the Poa Annua and to my surprise, I was finally seeing some Bermuda show up. After doing some soil correction and applying a few rounds of super juice, my lawn started to transform. I didn’t think it could be going any better. UNTIL I got my hands on PGF complete. The last picture was taken exactly 1 year after the first, and was 3 weeks after my first treatment of PGF. The grass doubled in thickness and turned into a shade of green that made my neighbors envious. My lawn is nowhere near perfect, but it is absolutely insane how it has transformed thanks to your videos and advice.

    -Garrett from Oklahoma

  13. Love the product. It has brought my 1/2 acre lawn a long way. The problem now is that you’re like the crack dealer that went to prison…i can’t get my product. I can tell when the lawn is hungry. The Bermuda stolen quit running across bare ground. I have 98% coverage after a Bahia and weed burn off in May, but I need that last push before fall to get complete coverage. I’ll take 10 bags please.😉

  14. Green grass in Austin, Tx in August??? No way. YES, WAY!!! I never thought I’d see my lawn nice and green in the summer heat of Austin, Tx. We’ve been in the high 90’s / low 100’s for well over a month and zero rain. PGF and Super Juice are truly amazing!!! Can you tell where my property line starts / finishes? Thanks, Doc!!!

  15. This stuff works even if you’re not a pro. Doesn’t burn like many ferts, even in the heat at 96 degrees for days!!! Best product for lawns period.

  16. In July 2019, I decided to upgrade my lawn. At the time, it was full of dallisgrass, crab grass and sand burs(80%). I sprayed killer that was bermuda friendly and then scalped to one inch. I prepared the 10,000 sq ft for Blackjack bermuda. It sprouted in 7 days and I watered heavily for 2 weeks. Then came PGF and Super Juice. In 2 months the grass is full but not thick. I will push it hard this spring and then start working on the side of the house (4000 sq ft). The products on Doc’s website are the best I’ve ever used. Thanks for all your guidance.

  17. Been using super juice all year and PGF complete most fo the year, great results, Thanks Doc ,best lawn in the neighborhood

  18. PGF Results….Incredible green-up since applying PGF complete on my TTTF lawn this Fall…lawn looks full and healthy…will definitely be using more next Spring!

  19. Hey doc !
    Thanks for all your help ! Pgf complete, superjuice and all your knowledge has helped me a ton this past season.
    Looking at the three lawns in the picture can you guess who used docs method ?
    Hey his is late November in south Texas !!!

    Thanks again doc !

  20. What a difference a year makes. Thanks to Doc, pre-emergent, PFG Complete, super juice and Humichar I’ve been able to bring our grass (sod) back to life. Here in the desert southwest it can be very difficult keeping and maintaining green grass and the stuff you buy at the big box stores just don’t cut it.
    Keeping fingers crossed we make it thru the hot dry summer.

    Thanks Doc!!

  21. From field to fairway. Thanks to PGF Complete, Superjuice, Humichar and Cockadoodle cocoa puffs..uh..crumbles. Thanks for the tips Doc!

  22. Part 2 I made the picture into a grid again thank you thank you for helping us save our grass the PGF was a life saver along with the juices you have a lifetime customer from the Shankles.

  23. Id like to consider myself a bit of a long time follower; probably 1 yea now. It was last July when the chinch bugs had gotten to me and my St Augustine grass and I decided enough is enough and it was time for something different and something better. Icon Zoysia was my project. As an ex PGA Pro, I wanted the golf look but something just a bit different than Bermuda especially for some shade and beach and salt air location. I installed the new sod in July 2019 and let it take shape and grow with milorganjte applications only for the fall/winter season. Then came spring 2020…..

    Log story short, I drank the Doc koolaid for months and months and dove right in February of this hear. I bought his recommended McLane GR series (went with 20″ for 2500 sq ft lawn, humichar, PGF Complete, Super Juice, etc. Below are the results of following his techniques in just 2 short months. From scalping down from 4″ height all the way to dirt to current status or roughly 3/4″, I couldn’t be happier.


  24. Can’t say enough about how thick my lawn is. How healthy my soil is. Note: little to no weeds.
    1st year using these products. HUMICHAR, PGF COMPLETE, Doc’s super juice.
    **Follow the guide**. Use AS DIRECTED and I would go a step further and say listen word for word to Doc’s instructions on his videos. Finnally use the calendar, Read lawn guide!
    Going to be blunt. Supplement feeding works!
    Thank you Doc and Andersons very pleased with all your products.
    Raving Fan.

  25. I’ve used PGf complete and just applied super juice today. It’s amazing how well these products work! Thanks Doc for the great lawn tips as currently have one of the yards in this area!

  26. Bermuda in GA: PGF Complete applied from Apr to July monthly in addition to professional treatment. 2 applications of Humichar as well for long term soil improvement.

    TopDress, PGF Complete Monthly, Weekly Cuts and Watering has all added to thickening. I am cutting lowest setting on riding mower around 1.5″ and cutting every 5-6 days (No Reel Mower Yet for me)! So excited for the Growth Regulator and hope to use in near future.

    Additional Note: Removed a tree where Flower Bed is and hence the reason grass looked so bad coming out of the Winter. Once growth season started and top dressing, PGF filled it in nicely. Thanks for your sharing your content on Youtube and thanks for the help in repairing lawn.

  27. Hello from GA. I decided to do a summer scalp. I have been using PGF complete and Super Juice all year. 14 days later it looks gorgeous and luscious. Thanks Doc. Now we just need to get past this drought and we’ll be ok.

  28. I’ve got the best looking lawn ever and I’ve been fighting it for years! Had a lawn service that did a horrible job! Had more weeds when they left than when they started! Doc’s simple plan takes care of it! PGF Complete and Humichar. That’s all I’m doing. Now if the armadillos leave me alone I’ll be great! Thanks, Doc.

  29. Big fan of Doc & learned a lot from the how to with doc YouTube channel. I found doc years back searching for Bermuda grass info & started using his recommendations with great success. Early in 2020 we purchased a new construction home with terrible clay soil, previously seeded cool season grass, basically starting from a very messy scratch. Despite loving Bermuda I wanted the challenge of cool season TTTF. I have followed Doc’s Fescue calendar & have only used PGF Complete, Humichar, & Super Juice. The results speak for themselves. The pics are ONLY 5 weeks after seeding. I do not have irrigation nor outside of having a rock hound for a couple hours have I hired any outside help for seeding/treating the yard.
    Doc, thanks a ton! If you’re ever in North Georgia area look me up and I’ll take you fishing. Louie B

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