early lawn preemergent
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Early Lawn Preemergent

Lawn Preemergent Application and Timing When to apply your lawn pre-emergent. Doc explains the QUARTER year method of using and applying lawn preemergent.  Using the 3 month or quarter year timing method we can better […]

spring pre emergent how to
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Spring Pre Emergent

Spring Pre Emergent for Lawns The rules and guidelines for spring pre emergents are listed below. Follow Doc’s simple rules for a great lawn all year long. NOTE: make sure you also do the KICK […]

spring lawn preemergent
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Spring Lawn Preemergent

When to Apply Preemergent in the Spring When do you apply your spring pre-emergent? Well it’s not just the date but conditions are critical as well. Doc warns you about lawn saturation and how it […]

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Spring Pre-Emergent Dosage and Timing

Sometimes… I have to laugh… Obviously some people can’t read at the 8th grade reading level… (the level of my writing)…  so I’m going to break down pre-emergents a little more in-depth for you.  I […]

when to put down preemergent in spring
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When to Put Down Pre Emergent in Spring

When to put down pre-emergent in spring? ← Best granular pre-emergent, click for pricing.       From our → Pre-Emergent Page Important: → Pre-Emergents have a MAXIMUM annual application rate / dosage clearly printed […]