lawn repair grub damage
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Lawn Repair Grub Damage

Lawn Repair Grub Damage How to fix and repair lawns that have grub damage. Dealing with heavy rains and when to apply lawn care products.  Four weeks after discovering lawn grub damage on Barb’s lawn […]

lawn grubs and bugs
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Treating Lawn Grubs

Treating for Lawn Grubs and Armyworms Late summer and early fall bring on the subject and problem of armyworms and lawn grubs.  In this video Doc shows you how to break and treat the grub […]

spring lawn grubs
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Spring Lawn Grubs

How to Kill Lawn Grubs Grubs remain in your lawn all winter long and now that spring is here it’s time to kill them if you have a grub lawn problem. Treating lawn grubs is […]

lawn bugs and grubs
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Kill Grubs in Lawn

UPDATE BELOW… You may not even know you have lawn grubs, but they can do massive destruction to small and large areas. It’s critical to learn the difference between grub PREVENTION… and killing more mature […]