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Liquid Lawn is quickly becoming Doc’s favorite lawn fertilizer in the SPRAY category. Why… because it is a natural fertilizer that is a BROAD spectrum food.  It is a 10 – 1 – 2 and contains a TON of nutrients that your lawn and plants need. A KEY POINT to using this is that YOU control how much and when the food is delivered to the lawn.  Unlike slow release granulars that follow THEIR OWN release times. (i.e. lack of rain or excess rain) Because it is natural and contains many nutrients, the product will have some sedimentation at the bottom. Shake well and Doc always strains it before spraying.  See kitchen strainer below.

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Doc’s suggestion:  Pick a small patch of lawn on the side of back of yard that no one ever sees. Use it as a TEST area.  Make STRIPS and apply the product at different rates. Normal – high – and super high.  Watch what happens over a 3-4 week period. Take the results and apply the best to your whole lawn.

Fine Strainer

Product info….

liquid lawn fertilzer label
liquid lawn fertilzer label

Liquid Lawn is a concentrated, instant lawn fertilizer that includes  Iron, and micro-nutrients, . Use Liquid Lawn for quick green-up, but it also promotes overall health, growing, and spreading.

It’s perfect for hose-end and tow-behind tank sprayers. One gallon, once diluted, makes 256 gallons of full-strength nutrient and covers a minimum of 44,000 sq ft (1 acre) as a heavy foliar spray, and upwards of 80,000 sq ft as a regular light misting.

Coverage: (Docs’s modified use)  1 gallon should be applied per care acre. (43,000 sq ft)

Tip: Liquid Lawn is also a super fertilizer for all high-nitrogen loving plants, such as non-flowering ornamentals and trees. Use as a soil drench around the drip line. As with all of our nutrients, use 1 tbls/gallon.

Liquid Lawn™ is best used as a heavy foliar application on turf. Apply so that the leaf blades are wetted to the point of dripping. Do this in the evening once the lawn is in shade. Foliar applications are more effective with regular feedings. Apply every 1-3 weeks. With fertigation systems you’ll want to dilute by 50-75% because of the frequent irrigations.

Frequency and amount of any fertilizer application is variable, due to many factors, such as, temperature, previous fertilizers, type of plant, rainfall, number of irrigation cycles, etc. Over time you develop an eye for it.

Liquid Lawn™ is also an exceptional nutrient for most high-nitrogen loving plants, such as: non-flowering ornamentals and many trees. As with all of our nutrients, use 1 tbls/gallon.

For tractor-mounted tank spraying use the standard 1 tbls/gallon, (or ½ oz/gallon using a measuring cup). This will give you a full strength solution ready-to-go. Many customers double the dose, but always test on a small area first and wait several days. Apply in the late afternoon or evening once the lawn is in shade. A moderate drench around the drip line of trees is very beneficial.