fence and deck cleaners
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Fence and Deck Cleaners Remove Mold and Algae

In the end… this is really about understanding CLEANERS… vs. KILLERS Whether you’re going to pressure wash a fence or deck or simply want a spray on cleaner, Doc plays around and tests some products […]

pressure washing concrete sidewalks
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Pressure Washing Sidewalks and Curbs

Power washing your sidewalks and curbs seems like a small task, but man… what a difference it makes.  After pressure washing your sidewalks and curbs you’ll be shocked and your neighbors will be a little […]

pressure washer review
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Best Home Pressure Washer for the Money

While the title sounds a bit definitive… it really is Doc’s opinion based on research, use, and years of experience.  Again, he is looking at pressure washers that have REALLY good cleaning power  (you never […]

pressure washing concrete driveway
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Pressure Washing Concrete Driveway

Pressure washing your driveway. There are product links below FYI….  Best methods and tips on pressure washing / power washing your concrete driveway. We see so many people using WANDS to wash their driveways and […]

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What Size Pressure Washer to Buy

This is the first in a full series of videos and posts about pressure washers and power washing.  We’ll be updating often. In this video which is the FIRST in the series, Doc talks about […]