stop deer rubbing
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Stop Deer from Rubbing on Bushes and Trees

Yes, our property is infested with deer and the bucks love to rub on cypress trees and other young bushes.  Unfortunately, they usually destroy them when they do.  This little trick can save your trees […]

battery powered hedge trimmer
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Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer Review

Here are Doc’s thoughts on his new Kobalt battery hedge trimmer.  This trimmer has now been used time and time again with great results and performance. Kobalt Battery powered hedge trimmer review.

stone steps in lawn
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Install Yard Pavers and Stone Steps

A few tips on installing lawn stone steps that will make your life much easier.  Also, I show you how I trim them which must be done about every 6 weeks during the active growing […]

set nest sense to manual mode
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Nest Sense Manual Mode

It’s a BIG gripe of mine with the Nest Sense.  There SHOULD be a way to easily turn off the LEARNING modes and adjustments that the NestSENSE makes.  I’m a big boy now… and I […]

washing machine odor
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Washing Machine Odor Treatment

Most people understand that running bleach alone in a wash cycle is a good practice every few months. However, SMELL BEHIND your washing machine and you smell a foul odor coming from the drain pipes.  […]

remove door hinge with cap
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Remove Door Hinge with Bottom Cap

These hinges with a bottom cap can be a pain to remove unless you know the little trick.  Most people have a set of vice grips, so use them. They do sell hinge pin snaps, […]