how to make biochar and how it works
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How Biochar Works

How Biochar is Made and How Biochar Works Doc makes biochar at home using a variety of organic matter from around the house. BIOCHAR truly is the most significant improvement that grows can add to […]

humichar lawn biochar
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Humichar Lawn Treatment Fall Lawn Care

Humichar Lawn Treatment Fall Lawn Care Doc and Jess apply Humichar and PGF Balanced lawn fertilizer to the fall lawns. Loading the lawn soil now and through the winter will produce amazing results in the […]

improve lawn soil humichar
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Improve Lawn Soil

How to Improve Your Lawn Soil Doc walks you through how to improve your lawn soil using Humichar biochar and explains how it works. HUMICHAR is micronized which is the ONLY way that biochar can […]

feeding soil lawn and garden
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How to Improve Lawn and Garden Soils

How to Improve Lawn and Garden Soils Doc walks you through the process of improving your lawn and garden soils.  Our goal is to increase the soil microbial activity as well as add carbon and […]

humichar application
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Humichar Application

How to Apply and Use Humichar Doc shows you how to apply Humichar and how it works in the lawn and garden. Humichar Application Video CEC Video Products and Links Sign Up for Alerts and […]

spring lawn care humichar
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Humichar Lawn Biochar Application

How to Apply Humichar A full lawn treatment including HUMICHAR lawn biochar, PGF Complete fertilizer, organic lawn fertilizer (organic matter), and Super Juice lawn spray.   One of the final lawn treatments of the spring and […]