how to use lawn spreaders
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Use Lawn Spreader

How to Use Lawn Spread Best Time Doc shows you the best way to apply granular products evenly and use a lawn spreader. This method of application ensures a perfect coverage when applying your granular […]

Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Spreader Review 2019

In this video Doc reviews several lawn spreaders at different price points and quality levels. The Scotts Mini   ← Click for pricing – about $35 The mini is an “OK” unit for very small […]

lawn spreader for bermuda grass
Bermuda Grass Care

Best Large Lawn Spreader

In this video Doc reviews his new Scotts Elite lawn spreader.  There is a product link below.  If you base the cost / quality ratio he gives it a B+ or even an A- . […]