spring lawn grubs
Bermuda Grass Care

Spring Lawn Grubs

How to Kill Lawn Grubs Grubs remain in your lawn all winter long and now that spring is here it’s time to kill them if you have a grub lawn problem. Treating lawn grubs is […]

armadillo lawn damage
Bermuda Grass Care

Armadillo Lawn Damage

Armadillo Lawn Damage Doc shows you armadillo lawn damage due to the armadillos digging up grubs. Then he shows you how to prevent them from digging into your flower beds because armadillos also like to […]

kill armyworms in lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

🐛 Kill Armyworms in Lawns

Kill Armyworms in Lawn Lawn Armyworms can be found in most southern lawns but especially in Bermuda lawns.  The fall armyworm has a life cycle that keeps them in our lawns for up to 3 […]

fall lawn grubs
Bermuda Grass Care

Fall Grubs in Lawn

Fall Lawn Care – Fall Grubs Doc shows you some easy signs for detecting grubs in your lawn. Updates the fall crabgrass treatment and more. Fall Lawn Products Used PGF Complete Fertilizer – MAY SHOW […]

Bermuda Grass Care

Moths in Lawn

Moths in Your Lawn If you see moths in your lawn, you need to get ready to battle with what they bring. It’s not the lawn moths that are the issue, it’s the eggs they […]

bugs in lawn
Lawn Care

How to Kill Bugs in Lawns

How to Kill Bugs in the Lawn There are many types of bugs in your lawn, many don’t harm it at all. But when a damaging insect moves into your lawn it is time to […]

mosqito trap bug zapper
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Best Mosquito Traps and Bug Zappers

Best Mosquito Traps and Bug Zappers 2019 (Product links below) Doc shares his thoughts on the electronic bug and mosquito traps and zappers he bought and tested.  With a large amount of woods behind his […]

kill armyworms lawn
Lawn Care

How to Kill Armyworms

How to Kill Armyworms in Lawn This past year armyworms in the lawn were a huge problem.  The south east and Texas areas were hit very hard and we expect the same since we had […]

kill lawn grubs
Lawn Care

How to Kill Grubs in Your Lawn

How to Kill Grubs in Your Lawn ← Click to view on Amazon About $34 including shipping.         When killing grubs in your lawn you must understand a critical point. The majority […]

army worms in lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

Army Worms in Lawn

Fall Army worms can show up in your lawn at anytime depending on your location. For most army worms show up the summer months and hang around eating your lawn until the cold hits.  In […]