lawn soil test results
Bermuda Grass Care

Soil Test Results

How to Fix Soil Test Results Doc shares his soil test results and talks about lawn PH and Lawn nutrients problems. Many people think they should lime their lawns every year but in fact it […]

lawn drought watering
Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Watering Schedule Droughts

How to Water Bermuda Lawn During Droughts Doc explains how to water your lawn during long hot periods where rains are low.  During these drought periods, Bermuda lawns can pull back and start to look […]

lawn growth regulator
Bermuda Grass Care

Lawn Growth Regulator Granular

Lawn Growth Regulator Granular GGR Doc explains how to use the lawn growth regulator which is in granular form. (GGR)  An easy, step by step guide to applying granular growth regulator.  Growth regulators reduce the […]

dark green lawn
Bermuda Grass Care

How to get a Dark Green Thick Lawn

How to get a Dark Green Thick Lawn Getting a dark green thick lawn is easy with two simple steps.  Doc walks you through the steps using PGF COMPLETE and HUMICHAR.  Apply both of these […]

feeding soil lawn and garden
Bermuda Grass Care

How to Improve Lawn and Garden Soils

How to Improve Lawn and Garden Soils Doc walks you through the process of improving your lawn and garden soils.  Our goal is to increase the soil microbial activity as well as add carbon and […]

yellow blades grass red tips
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Red Tips Yellow Blades Lawn

Red Tips and Yellow Blades in Lawn Discoloration of grass blades is fairly common and there are two main color issues to look for. In this video Doc shows you some red tips and how […]

fescue lawn calendar
Fescue Lawn Care

Fescue Lawn Calendar

Fescue Lawn Calendar Doc put together an easy to use fescue lawn calendar with some simple lawn care tips.  You can also read the calendars linked below from several extension offices.  Keep in mind that […]