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Lawn Organic Fertilizer

Lawn Organic Fertilizer Doc explains the role of lawn organic fertilizers and how they work.  A key element of adding organic matter to your lawn is a healthy soil.  Good microbes and good fungus help […]

cheap organic lawn fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Cheap Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Cheap Organic Lawn Fertilizer Organic lawn fertilizer is a little tricky to understand but Doc explains it.  Doc shows you the cheap organic material that he tested last fall and is currently using.  Remember, you […]

organic lawn fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Organic Lawn Fertilizers

NOTE: Before using an ORGANIC fertilizer later in the year, you should FIRST USE PGF Complete. Organic fertilizers do not perform well while temps are LOW so first put out PGF Complete.       […]