mattress in a box best value
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Mattress in a Box Review 2022

Best Mattress in Box Review 2022 Doc reviews his mattress in a box for 2022.  This is Doc’s 5th mattress of this model and after 1.5 years he gives his honest opinion of its VALUE.  […]

wood picket dence diy
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DIY Wood Picket Fence Construction

DIY Wood Picket Fence Construction Doc shows the making, design, and installation of the stick built wood picket fence. The design is a bit different than most and the style is an old style traditional […]

blink outdoor camera batteries
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How Long do Blink Camera Batteries Last

How Long do Blink Camera Batteries Last Doc replaces the Blink camera batteries after 2 years.  The Blink cameras were installed two years ago and Doc is finally replacing them.  None of the Blink cameras […]

wifi security camera outdoor
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Outdoor Wifi Security Camera Solar

Outdoor WIFI Security Camera Solar Doc has multiple Blink Camera systems but today he installs a different kind of security camera. This camera is not only solar and WIFI based, but you can also move […]