fertilizer npk numbers
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Lawn Fertilizer NPK Numbers

Understanding lawn fertilizer NPK Numbers, Nutrients, and which are best. Super Juice Recipe is >>> HERE Ask any “educated” turf professional the best “all around” NPK numbers for ALL types of lawns and turfs and […]

fall lawn care information
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Fall Lawn Care Tips and Information

Fall Lawn Care and Tips Doc walks you through fall lawn care tips and information in this video. To see all the PRODUCTS…  GO HERE Fall lawn care products. Fall lawn care is different than […]

green up lawn fast
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How to get Thick Green Lawn

ImportantUpdate… Doc now only uses PGF Complete Granular… Then treats with Super Juice. Click the Bag below to see on Amazon The NEW Super Juice is now easier and in stock. The OLD formula has […]

amino acids on lawns
Amino Acid Lawns

Amino Acids on Lawns

Amino Acids on Lawns Amino acids on lawns will be the talk of the industry for years to come. They are just now making their proper introduction into the home owner market.  For the past […]

fall lawn care
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Fall Lawn Care Tips

A quick video from Doc going over some fall lawn care tips. See the updates on all the fall lawn care products. You can see all the products by clicking the DOC’S PRODUCT LINKS.   […]

organic lawn fertilizer
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Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Best organic lawn fertilizer for ALL LAWNS… Use on ANY lawn type… Bermuda Grass, Fescue, etc.  One bag treats 11,000 sq ft at the “normal application rate” we have been using double that. Apply NOW… […]

fall bermuda care
Bermuda Grass Care

Fall Bermuda Grass Care

Fall care of Bermuda grass lawns and treatments.  There are certain things to do and prepare for in the fall for your Bermuda grass lawn. Doc discusses in the video. See the full calendar page […]

organic lawn fertilizer
Bermuda Grass Care

Organic Lawn Fertilizers

It seems that more and more people are searching for a natural organic lawn fertilizer.  We have as well, but wanted one that met out exact needs when it comes to lawn nutrients.  In this […]