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August 8, 2018

Started this blog / journal for those that would like to know more about what’s going on “behind the scenes”.

Click the pic to see Doc’s lawn today.

Long hot week. Started treating neighbors lawn and will post updates. Little concerned about the 90+ dry heat and no rain, considering I did put down some weed and crabgrass treatment. While it won’t KILL the Bermuda, we might have a little burn. Will post some updates.

8/10 Note:  Started playing with a new SUPER JUICE treatment I came up with. I’ll post a video soon.

Had a great phone call with the product manager of the new fertilizer company and he was able to get the inventor of the product on the call as well.  Great phone call with lots of knowledge shared.  Everyone is dying to get there hands on this stuff, but progress takes time.

Working on the 2019 calendar. Video will done next month but we wanted a TICKLE chart.
See preview below.

Debating the new launch of our video series… the upcoming 2020 economy. WOW… what a decision that will be.

Upcoming video list…

DEER HUNTING – Water cannon to scare deer.

FERTILIZER CRACK – I need to stop the addiction.

FENCE POWER WASHING – Cleaning the old nasty fence.

FENCE STAINING – Using the new sprayer to stain.

NEW GENERATOR – Time for an updated unit.

New 2019 Bermuda Grass Calendar

Get ready for Fall.





  1. Doc, the granular pre-emergent you use is not available where I live. Do you have an alternative pre-emergent I can use?

      • Doc, thank you for your prompt reply. I enjoy your videos and appreciate all your hard work. By the way, your lawn is something special. I live in Texas, additionally, my Bermuda grass is weak to very week throughout much of my yard. I’m working to rebuild it after several years of neglect. I’ve used HumicDG and have applied Liquid Law a couple of times now, in accordance with your suggestion, and it’s working great. The granular pre-emergent you suggest will not harm the weak areas of my lawn, will it?

        • Pre-emerge’s are fairly easy on established lawns. There is SOME talk about them impacting root growth, but I have never had an issue with that. If you can wait… wait until it gets a little cooler and wetter.

          • Hello, thanks for all the help & for the videos. My main question is, after planting seed when is a good time to apply the 1st coat of pre M weather liquid or granular? I put my bermuda seed down mid July. It is coming out well although it has several weeds that I want to stay away from in the next season. Especially those goat heads & fox tails! So far I have been hand pulling them since I put the seed down.

          • Thank you for the info. What do you think about liq lawn this early? So far, I have only put down an app of Milo & some organic fert.

    • I don’t… I have tried them and found them to be not needed if you physically aerate, fertilize, and use humic, you will get the same or better results.

  2. Hi, Doc:
    I’ve become a big fan of your videos.
    I have several areas, mostly beneath oak trees, that are doing terribly. I don’t think it’s lack of sun, I think it may be the acorns and fallout. This is s common problem around here (Newnan, GA area). This might be a good video.
    Also, do you have a printable version of your Bermuda Calendar? I want to sell my house next spring, and I’d like my lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood. I’ve got about 8 months to get it turned around.


    • Just a few hours of shade can impact Bermuda. That combined with roots of trees creates the weak areas.

  3. Doc – looks like my neighbors fungus is starting to hit my yard. I bought the recommended Humic acid and liquid lawn, would you suggest I add these two products and avoid the fungicide treatment? Would it be safe to add all three?
    I have Bermuda lawn in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

    • Apply whatever you’re going to apply first… then the next day, when the grass is totally dry, mid afternoon, spray with the fungus treatment. You’ll want it to dry on the blades as well as treat the ground. It’s a tough battle when it’s hot and humid.

      • Doc – Thank you for quick reply. I really enjoy your videos.

        Quick follow up question. Would you recommend mowing the grass before or after the fungus treatment?

        • I want the fungicide to be on there for at least 3 days undisturbed. So cut grass then spray. You might have to repeat again FYI. My spots took 3 treatments.

  4. Hey Doc, I put down some per-emergent today. I also live in Georgia close to Athens. My question is how long should I wait before I apply again.

  5. Doc,

    Huge fan of your videos. You have helped make my lawn look like one of the best on my block. Been wanting to reach out and thank you. Also, have you considered having a forum/message board on your website for the people who follow you can go to, discuss, post pictures, ask questions, etc.? I think it would be a great addition to your website. I do web design on the side so let me know if you need help with it. Anyways, just food for thought. Thanks again for your videos!

  6. Hey Doc, thanx for all you research and advice. Really appreciate it.

    I have 10 acres of common Bermuda (pasture grass). Other than cutting it higher than sod, any changes, or tweaks, you would suggest on your calendar for those of us using common Bermuda?

    Also I’m limited to granular applications. If spectricide isn’t available here, how do you feel about Lesco pre-emergent?

    I’m using light coats of fertilizer about every 4-5 weeks. Some 16-4-8 followed in a couple of weeks with 34-0-0 (light). Has really helped.

    Should I plan to kill the crabgrass now, or let it die out in the fall/winter, and do the multiple pre-emergent treatments? My grass is less than a year old, and I didn’t want to stress it out with week killers, so I endure the crabgrass now.

  7. Need a little help mixing the proper ratio for the liquid lawn. Front lawn is 300 sq ft and rear is 700 sq ft. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hey doc love all your videos I’m kinda a fanatic about my Bermuda lawn like you says my wife. Lol. But question can this humic acid penetrate clay ? I live Birmingham al. What about arirating can with help break up the clay that sits beneath my lawn?

  9. Doc watch your video this morning on your super juice. Would it be possible to list the ingredients of amount of each on your blog. I switched over to Bermuda grass for the first time this year and your knowledge plus videos have greatly been beneficial. Thank you

    • Buddy if you click on Docs video “Super Juice” you will see a break down of each ingredient and quantities based on his 20,000 sf lawn.

  10. Hey Doc,

    Will one 11lb bag of Humic Dg cover a 10,000 sq foot yard? It comes across as your yard is at least that big and you only use one bag for your yard when you put it out.

    • BAG SAYS: light rate 11 pounds covers 11,000 MED rate 5000 and HEAVY 2500 sq feet.
      Right now I’m doing med rate.

  11. Doc, can you make a video where replacing your lawn with sod is a better option compared to rehabilitating your Bermuda grass?

    • I have restored some of the worst looking lawns you can imagine… so I really don’t think it’s needed. Bermuda is a horrible weed that can’t be killed. That’s why it makes good grass.

    • You know I wanted to have fun with that… but… it’s pretty normal. Just pull them as soon as you see them and they eventually dry up.

  12. Hi Doc, Can you use the honda pressure washer with the surface cleaner on Monobloc driveways (live in Scotland there are many Monobloc driveways) not just concrete driveways? Also seen the new honda 3000psi machine seems more compact, thinking of purchasing that.

  13. Hi Doc

    My Bermuda is coming along great sence I found your videos , but I have some huge bare spots . I have been stealing shovel full of Bermuda to fill in along with the natural growth. But still coming up short . I’m afraid I won’t get it all filled in this season . I live in central California and it gets really hot here up to 106 and hotter .

      • How deep can I push my Bermuda. I finally started getting results . It will be a bummer to finally get my Bermuda to where I want only for the season to end ?

          • Just mean September or October what I mean by deep in the season I notice one year my Bermuda lawn look good late October but not sure that’s normal

          • You really can’t change when Bermuda shuts down. It’s based on the weather. So just keeping doing what you’re doing and it will look good til the first frost temps. If it doesn’t need nutrients… it won’t use them.

  14. Hi doc I recently found you videos and my Bermuda grass is coming along great with all your products And tips still have a lot of very big bare spots some really big and I’ve been filling them in . recently I just cut my grass and it really took a hit and turned brown and thin After looking great after about a week it’s almost ,back green again obviously I don’t want to do that again I guess I must not cut that low and need to mow my grass a little bit higher . It really was a drag because the Bermuda was starting to look great and it’s taken a full week or more to recover from my mistakes.

    • Yes, it’s hot and dry. Let it grow longer. I want mine short too, but leaving it long until rain patterns change. ALL HAIL THE 10 DAY FORECAST….

  15. Hey Doc…I absolutely love the videos..and the product link suggestions..I’ve been fighting nutsedge for months..but your link to Image Nutsedge killer has solved that problem! Thanks again….my backyard has a slope so I’ve been working on that…the top part is nice..the sloped in is a work in progress

  16. My yard looks amazing thanks to your tips. Neighbors asked me what I did and told them to come to your site and watch the videos

  17. Doc, big fan here. Always get excited when I go on YouTube on my SmartTV and see you have a new video out. Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool that I discovered another product from The Andersons called Black Gypsum DG that contains 70% gypsum and 30% humic. Really good product. I can get a 40lb bag for $39.99 at my local landscape place. Perhaps you could do a video on this product as well? As you know, the gypsum is really supposed to help break up the rock-hard compacted clay soil I have here in Birmingham, AL. I’ve applied it twice in the last couple of months and probably will one more time around mid-Sept when I fertilize the last time of the year. I think by summer of next year my soil should be really improved. It has the same dispersed granule technology as the Humic DG and it’s not supposed to alter pH.

    One more thing, I also have moss in my shaded lawn, which I’ve used Moss Out and raked it out after a couple of days. Do you think the best way to get the grass to overtake the moss prone areas is to hit it with Liquid Lawn/humic every couple of weeks, or should I put down lime also to help raise the acidity?

    Keep up the great work,

    • I’ll look at the other product, but A LOT of good results with the humic on clay.
      You can try and push shaded Bermuda but no sun makes it tough.

  18. Hey doc, you rock. Question just as you use 1/2 app of granular & 1/2 app liquid on a couple of the videos, would it be good to do the same with the Barricade DG & Prodiamine? I am in Southern California Bermuda grass. We def have plenty of foxtail here I also have those darn little goathead thorns THEY SEEM TO NEVER BE FULLY GONE…Thanks for your time & the help!

    • When it comes to pre-emerges… I always do full strength. I’d rather see you do one, then wait a few weeks then another. They are the GIFT for lawns that keep giving.

  19. Hey Doc,

    So I have a new Bermuda lawn in which the Sod was laid down in mid-June. I’ve been following your program and already after 2 months I already have a better looking lawn than some of the “established” lawns in the neighborhood.

    I do have 2 questions though:
    1. What can I do about all the goose grass? Do I really have to dig them up since they didn’t put down pre-emergent before or right at laying the sod I have it all over.
    2. Can I fully scalp my lawn next spring with it being a newly established lawn with not even a full year of root growth?

    • Goose grass sucks… If it’s just spots of it… you can get a TINY rag and dip it in round up and CAREFULLY touch the goose grass center. NO DRIPPING NOW…….. risky yes but it works. If it’s large areas then you’re kind of screwed. Have to wait on LOTS of preemerge treatments. Spray and granular. Yes, scalp next year, but do a mild one down to about 3/4″ and do it once green is showing all over.

  20. Hi doc …. I have become a big fan ! My question is it’s August can or should I put pre emergent down now , I haven’t put any yet but didn’t know what I should do because I was addressing a nutsedge problem a rather annoying amount . Well your video on nutsedge took care of that in about three days and the product I used took out lots of weeds as well so I haven’t felt I needed the pre emergent ? The burmuda is growing and filling in pretty fast with the various products you have recommended . Still I feel I may need to put down the pe emergent ?

  21. Doc…Ive been struggling for 4 years to get bermuda to grow in my front yard under a large Oak tree. Liquid Lawn every two weeks has the area about 95% covered…thanks sooooo much.

  22. Hi Doc, enjoyed your videos. They taught me a lot.

    I seeded my yard with Bermuda around July 1st. Most of it have come up nicely except some spots where the soil was very clayey and water does not drain well.

    Anyway, there’s a lot of goose grass and nutsedge popping up. I spent a lot of time pulling them out but I wonder if there is a better way? Would it be OK for me to put down a pre-emergent (Dithiopyr) to prevent new goose grass (I can pull out all existing goose grass; this is just to deal with new goose grass)?

    I don’t know if the pre-emergent will damage the young Bermuda grass?

    I’m in GA too by the way. Thanks!!

    • Young Bermuda is sensitive to everything it seems, so be careful. I would rather you CLOSELY spot treat each plant.
      The goose grass will be handled with pre-emerge next year but nutsedge really needs the spot treatment I do.

  23. Hey Doc,

    Love your videos!

    I wanted to ask about any budget friendly alternatives to granular fertilizers. I know that some products can be quite expensive. What granular fertilizers would you recommend for someone on a budget?

  24. Hi Doc ,
    As I have mentioned before I am a huge fan of your videos …..I really liked your video of filling in bare spots . Lol ….Scotty has taken it to a whole new level to say the least. I have massive bare spots and have used your advice to transplant burmuda to the desired spot or spots in my case . I have robbed one area to an area of need …but not without a lot of work . Some areas have worked better than others as I mentioned. I will give an example some translated areas have adapted well and others have struggled , Of course your lawn dosnt come close to my issues but can you give me some additional information to help me with my issues to get a more full and thick lawn void of dreaded bare areas . It would be cool to see a video with these extreme issues like mine . Thanks again Scotty …the novice burmuda guy !

    • Hi Doc ,Well I’m still filling in bare spots but have had nice results . Home Depot and Lowe’s don’t have urban farms liquid lawn to my disappointment even though the ordering process in my area California. But I have been using Scott s turf builder and Miracle Grow with good results . I am aware I can order the product from Wal-Mart and still got to get the order in and plan to do so . Thanks once again doc because of you my Bermuda lawn has a chance ❗️Scotty the Bermuda novice .

  25. Doc, I was curious if I can use Liquid Lawn on recently planted seed along with a starter fertilizer. If you have covered this already, please accept my apology. Thanks for all of your hard work and the valuable info

    • If you have put down the “starter” already then you might burn if doubling up. If not, then skip the starter and use the LL.

  26. Doc, on your Super Juice Cocktail, we have some new flower beds that are already mulched but the soil under is very poor. 1.) Can I use the cocktail in the beds, and 2.) would I have to rake out the mulch or apply on top, or 3.) just put straight Humic on top of the mulch and let it melt to the soil? Mulch is 2 to 4 inches in spots.

    • I think it would be tough for the humic to work down, but the fert part and fulvic part would be fine.
      Just be careful foliage spraying fert on flowers in the heat of the day.
      Maybe spray them late eve, the rinse lightly in the morning.

  27. Doc, during the winter you mentioned to do absolutely nothing to the Bermuda. Does that include not watering it?

  28. Hello Doc.. how to control Rabbits not to enter my yard. I see bare spots on my Bermuda lawn when they pooped. I am so frustrating with these rabbits..

    Thanks for help.

  29. Hello Doc, maybe a video on the very stubborn chamberbitter weed? I know you don’t have this weed in your great lawn, but maybe you have dealt with it in the past? This thing has been a huge nuisance to my backyard both this year and last. It germinates in June. I put down Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns both in mid-Feb and late May, but it didn’t help this particular weed. After the fact I found out that the best active ingredient to prevent it is isoxaben, which is in Bayer Advanced Season Long Weed Control. Even once it is established, it is very tough to control and spreads like wildfire because of the low-lying seeds that get dispersed every time I mow. Bagging clippings doesn’t do much good. Ortho Weed B Gon helps to injure it but seems to come back after a few days.

    • I actually get it in my garden area.
      If you have a LOT of it in your lawn, I would do LIGHT post and pre-merge treatments every week for 3 weeks.
      (Isoxaben only) Then also do a spray bottle spot treatment of growing weeds full strength.
      Pain I know… but that’s about the only way.

  30. The instructions on Liquid Lawn container say that a light watering, 24 hours after application. Is this 24 hour period set in stone? If not, what is the earliest after application can this product be lightly watered in?

    • You can water in any time you want. I think the reason for the 24 hours is to allow any iron or other foliar absorption. “Foliar feeding is a technique of feeding plants by applying liquid fertilizer directly to their leaves. Plants are able to absorb essential elements through their leaves. The absorption takes place through their stomata and also through their epidermis.” However on some BROAD LEAF flowers and plants I have seen a TINY bit of burn spots when done in the heat of day.

  31. Hey Doc – love the videos! I live in a townhome community in Murrells Inlet SC and the HOA does a lousy job at best in caring for our Bermuda grass lawns – so I am declaring war and doing it myself. Ordered a gallon of the Bayer Advanced Lawn Weed & Crabgrass killer — can I combine this with some Image and surfactant in a pump sprayer and spray for all the weeds at once? Or is it not a good idea to mix the Image with another product? Also, based on my locale as related to yours, would you recommend me following your regular Bermuda grass calendar?

    • This time of year I would actually LOWER the dosage of the weed killer to about 1/2.
      It’s HOT and dry and you need to be gentle. Spot treat as much as you can too.
      If the image is for nutsedge, I would rather have you do my spot treatment I show in the video rather than treat the entire yard.
      Just not sure how big the weed problem is.

  32. I am really looking forward to a good Pre-emergent video. As we get ready to enter the month of September I want to be ready with a product to throw down when you say its time. I really want to nip that Poa Annua in the rear this go around. Thanks Doc for all the work and videos.

    • Yes, when we bought this house it was Sept years ago… the first winter poa annua turned the back yard 90% green by spring.
      2nd year… nothing. We’ll be doing a good FALL video that will help.

  33. Women of my neighbors burn there dead grass late winter/early spring instead of scalping. They tell me it puts nutrients back into the soil. Any truth to this? If so, is this something you recommend?

  34. Doc… killing nutsedge a life long project ?
    I’ve sprayed my entire back yard at least 5 times over the last 3 years and LOW AND BEHOLD’s back.
    Ive used virtually every product but have had best results with Sedgehammer !
    Is there a true one time spray fix ?

    • The only method I know that REALLY works is the one shown in my video. STRONG spot concentration in the area of the “nuts” that lie beneath the soil. So spray the whole lawn and then double spot treat actually shoots returning.

      • There are literally thousands coming up again…but another spray today…that’s two this month ! Just hope it doesn’t effect my golf course beautiful Bermuda grass……thanks to my once a month spraying with Liquid Lawn. btw. I add a drop of dish soap to help the Liquid Lawn stick to the grass

        • Ortho nutsedge product is awesome I’ve used sledgehammer….both work ortho spray bottle nutedge easierans Best results jmho

    • I don’t. I think it creates more work and in the spring you have “competition” for the sun and nutrients. Kind of the reason I hate poa annua

  35. Doc, love the videos sir! Your website has become my time waster. The equivalent of Facebook for my wife…..

    I live in Oklahoma (good ole red clay) and have an acre on a new build. We only have Bermuda sod about 30 feet around my whole house. The rest of my acre is infest with Johnson grass. Using your calendar this season has my Bermuda looking great and it spreading like wild fire to the rest of the acre but my Johnson grass is also doing great. Any suggestions on how I get rid of it? Round up doesn’t even work.

    • Most of the herbicides that are good on it are not approved for residential use. Target 6 plus, outrider, etc, are great on it, but fed regs so no to use on lawns.
      Google it and see if you can find something close that can be used.

  36. Hi Doc. Thanks for all your work and very informative videos. I have one question about liquid lawn mixing ratio. Are you screening straight liquid lawn fertilizer into a bucket then add a bit of iron in it then fill up all your blue spraying bottles? One of your video you mention about you fill 7 bottles for your lawn, do you need to mix with water?

    • Depends… I do water down for the frequent feedings about 50%. But if feeding a new lawn / project I’ll hit it all full strength.
      If there is granular down already, then yes for sure dilute.

  37. Hi Doc ….. Scotty the novice Bermuda guy . Hey I have a new question I have a rather large area of Bermuda not close to the size of your lawn ,now 90% filled in 10 % Bare spots now growing in and filling in fast thanks to the doctor ❗️And his products . The new question I have another area separate from the large area of hybrid Bermuda and a smaller area with a different variety of Bermuda…. I think tiff 2 the question IS I really like the hybrid Bermuda it’s a more finer leaf and softer variety I think it’s tiff 294 can I fill in the smaller area of a more course Bermuda tiff 2 with transplanting like your videos have shown to fill in bare spots with the finer tiff 294 that Bermuda is gorgeous soft and a more green color ❓thanks and I hope for a reply from the Doc

      • Hey Doc …. been stealing stolens most of the hot day filling in bare spots. I let you know how it works out. It’s a work in progress and a lot of success… stuff and rewarding! The doc rocks …. pretty sure this backyard would have struggled without your videos 👍

  38. How often should I apply a granular fertilizer at 50% bag rate if I’m also applying liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks at 50%?

  39. Hey Doc,
    thanks for the youtube videos – super helpful for taking care of mu bermuda grass. I moved to the US a year and a half ago and never lived in a house before – so learn a lot of real-time on how to take care of the lawn.
    would you suggest what I should substitute bermuda grass in my shady backyard? obviously, there is not enough sun and the grass is suffering. We live in North Carolina.
    is fescue the right choice?
    if so, any advice on which particular fescue could be good to go with?

    thanks again!


  40. Doc, this is just an observation…I noticed the Liquid Lawn label used to contain Calcium (it did say “Calcium and Iron Rich” on front label). Now it just says “Fortified with Iron” and calcium is no longer included in the mix. I know Urban Farm constantly tweaks the formula, but I was wondering why they don’t include Calcium anymore. Maybe it’s a pH thing?

    I just used Liquid Lawn for the first time yesterday with an Ortho Dial ‘N Spray and I’m really looking forward to incorporating it along with an organic fertilizer to get some great results. I really like the fact that LL contains micronutrients and humic acid. Thanks for the recommendation! I plan on doing a weekly light coat (1/2 oz per gallon) until late September along with one more organic fert application around Labor Day. Thanks for all of your great videos and I look forward to the unveiling of the organic fertilizer. I think it’s pretty awesome you contacted the inventor to get this product to the consumer.

    • They removed the calcium due to complaints from farmers and ag users. It was clogging up their spray nozzles.
      I asked as well. Pretty simple answer and nice to know they ACTUALLY LISTEN to their customers.

  41. Hi Doc …. can u rate Scott’s liquid turf builder to urban farm liquid lawn I’m having big trouble finding the urban farms product

  42. Hi Doc…
    How do your videos and products work on fescue lawns . If not can you do a video that can help me as well , because my front yard is fescue. The reason I put burmuda in the back yard is I have dogs and the Bermuda repairs itself and can handle my dogs pee better than the fescue ever could . Thank you and I hope for a reply.

  43. Can you put too much Humic DG down at one time. I just bought a new construction house in TX and they put common Bermuda sod down. Got it to grow but the ground is fairly hard compacted clay.

  44. Hey doc. I have a newly sod lawn on top of red clay. I just notice small mushrooms starting to sprout. What would you recommentd? Also, where would I start doing this Texas heat to get rid of weeds (crabgrass and nutsedge)

    • Pick the mushrooms manually if you want, but not a lot can be done for them. It’s actually a sign of good health in most cases. wait until your lawn goes dormant (if it does) before really tackling weeds. It’s baby sod and you need to be gentle. Better off just to wait a bit.

  45. Hi Doc…
    Just bought a new Simpson pressure washer (PS3228-S) and surface cleaner based on your recommendations. However, I bought the Karcher surface cleaner from Amazon instead of the one you recommended. I think you should check it out and comment as the Karcher brand seems to be a better quality choice…has real bearings in the wand and is a bit cheaper. Love your videos.


    • Follow-up. After using it for about 1 hour, the plastic ‘nuts’ holding the central bearing assembly came loose…not a good design. Karcher needs to add ‘keepers’ to the nuts to keep them from loosening and the shroud from turning. Fortunately, no damage and I added my engineering fix to solve the problem. See comments/reviews on Amazon. Other than that, this unit works very well and I do like the wand sealed ball bearing design.

  46. Great to listen to you , The one thing you need to do is to have the Bermuda Calendar in a print out. Other then that I enjoy watching and learning

  47. Hi,

    Thanks for all of your wonderful videos. Have you ever done a video on getting St. Augustine grass our of a Bermuda lawn? I’m assuming the St. Augustine is coming from my lawn guy’s mower. Both of my neighbors have Bermuda. One is well kept and the other is kept low. I’m in the middle, with random St. Augustine showing up in the Bermuda.



  48. Hi Doc! Now that fall is upon us, I am looking to gather more supplies for fall applications. I have reviewed the BGC over and over and still feel like I’m missing application rates, best products, alternative product options, etc. Alternative options for example, Lowes sells a Lesco 0-0-7 crabgrass preventer I purchased for the fall (just one bag to try, covers close to 20,000 sqft for $20). Will you have an updated video with what you will be using, application rates and timing? I have roughly 15,000 sqft in my front lawn that I will be working on. Thanks for all the videos lately! I wait in anticipation everyday for new knowledge. P.S. I know you have various videos (which I’ve watched) on your fall applications. Just looking for an update in 2018.

  49. Doc. I have several pics I’d like to send you of my lawn. I’m doung everything you said and looks amazing , but st Augustine is slowly creeping in. It’s mostly on the edges right now. What do you suggest? Digging it up? Not watering it?

    • mine creeps in from my neighbors yard…so I go down the property line with Roundup…..that took care of that issue.
      but where I’ve found it growing farther in my yard I took a tiny paintbrush and some gasoline and hit the runners with gasoline…Havent seen any in two years…except along the property line where Roundup keeps it from creeping in.

      • I’m have a similar issue but with Johnson grass. I’ve been using Doc’s spray bottle technique with concentrated round up and dye. It’s done wonders but it will be a few years before I can tackle it all.

        I’ve actually mixed image and round up concentrate together.

    • Ive been having GREAT results from a product called TARGET 6 PLUS MSMA. The farmers at local co-op recommended it for Dallasgrass and it works wonders on it AND the St. Augustine creeping in.

      • It’s illegal to use on lawns as far as I know. Yes, great product, but no longer can be used by homeowners.

  50. Hey Doc. Love your videos and info. I have a full acre near the northern Outer Banks of NC.Can I use the super juice in a 20 gallon tow behind sprayer?

  51. Doc, I have pretty close to the same lawn in your video “Worlds Worst Lawn”, but only about half of my lawn looks as weedy as the one in the video. Is it too late for me to do your “Fix”? Or is this something I should wait to do until next spring. As far as the heavy treatments go and it being late August already. I live in OK so we have a little more warmer weather left before it gets too cold. Thanks in advance

  52. Hey Doc, love you videos and the blog has been helpful with additional info. I bough the liquid lawn product you suggested but I do not have any old “blue” bottles of weed killer. Can you provide some guidance on using a dial and spray product(s) out there?

  53. Humic DG in a 40 lb. bag is $69.97, contains 62% humic acid, and covers 1 acre. Earth Works sells a 55 lb. bag oh Humic POWDER on Amazon for $82.00 that is rated at 82% humic acid, and, is OMRI Organic certified. Have you, or would you consider testing this product. My primary reasons for asking are a) higher concentration of Humic Acid, b)being in powder form, it is more water soluble and could be beneficial to your super juice recipe.

    • Powders suck….. no other way to put it. Nasty mess, blow away etc. I only trust the anderson in solid form.

      • Bought some in powder form and never will again ….. Will mix it with a water in a sprayer next time to keep it from blowing away with the slightest wind

  54. Hey doc!
    I received all my stuff for the super juice and am itching to apply it. I just hit my yard with milorganite a few days ago. Should I wait on the super juice, leave something out or just go for it?

  55. doc, i live in Georgetown Tx in a new home and the lawn was just put in 2.5 months ago. I see a lot of brown spots as are my neighbors. I put down 29-0-5 scotts granular fertilizer. What should I be doing different as I would not say this is an established lawn.

    • Brown spots are bad soil under the ground / rocks, debris, roots, etc. Lots of water… and super juice. Switch to the new organic when it comes out.

    • Im in Seguin and in a really nice neighborhood but everyones yards are burning and attempting to supply the August heat…..I went from wattering twice a week to 4 times a week…but my golf course like triple bermuda is still taking a hit

  56. Hi Doc , I think you should make a super juice spray …. I would by it . Boy you are a mad scientist! 😂

  57. I am looking to purchase some hedge trimmers. Would you recommend gas powered or batter powered? I have about 20 shrubs that I trim.

  58. Doc my yard is being invaded with what looks like bermuda grass on steroids. It is approximately triple the size of my bermuda grass. My guess is that it may be common bermuda but not sure. It has seed heads that look like bermuda only larger. Is there any way I could send you a photo to see if you could identify this plant?

  59. Doc the liquid iron costs more to ship from amazon then the actual product. Is there another more available product we can substitute in the super juice formula?

        • Would ironite be a good substitute for Jason instead of buying liquid iron through amazon due to high shipping cost? Might be able to find deals locally for ironite, but not sure if it would be a good substitute ingredient in the super juice.

          Lastly, have you ever thought about putting the Humic DG in panty hose/knee high stocking and soaking it in ammonia/hot water? Essentially making Humic Tea.

  60. Hey Doc, Awesome website and videos. You have helped me a bunch, looking at the 2019 calendar I see where you suggest granular pre emergent in the Fall and spray in the Spring. Why not spray all year round?

  61. Hey Doc,
    I just recently found your website and love the videos. The information you provide has really helped me decide to give up on trying to establish Fescue and let the Bermuda do its thing. Just a quick question, I live in the transition zone in Va, my yard is all common Bermuda and is spreading quickly, would this be good to encourage growth or would you recommend sod or planting seed?

  62. I’m having a real issue with clovers. The clovers have invaded large areas of my yard and I’m reluctant to spray with a weed killer for fear of damaging my grass. What product should I use and should I attack the whole yard? Thanks.

  63. I transplanted some bermuda grass using the shovel method. At the moment, all the transplanted grass looks dead. Is that normal or is it dead? I watered and top dressed it with potting soil.

  64. Doc,
    I’m rehabbing a good sized yard with Bermuda. I applied Milorganite for the “Labor Day” before winter. I also Liquid lawn about every 2 weeks. Would you also recommend an application of 10-10-10 in September to get a good bit of Phosphorous down before winter as well?

  65. Hi Doc, I’m a big fan. I have centipede grass, which I guess is similar to Bermuda as it is a warm season turf. Can I use you techniques and products on my centipede grass with the same success? I’m a newbie to this stuff and need help, thanks.

  66. Doc. I have literally changed my entire st. Augustine yard by hand and now have some badass bermuda in. EVERY SINGLE QUESTION I have had you have a video for and it is awesome! I have a new one though, I am re-using those blue Bayer season long weed control bottles you recommend for my super juice. They seem to empty extremely quickly. Like I cant even get one bottle to cover 1000 sq. Ft fully. Is there a way to test or calibrate the bottles to ensure proper coverage and functionality? I am doing everything as you show with the super juice, I just want to know if this is normal or how much a bottle is “supposed” to cover. I live in Dallas and have approx 4100 sq. ft of fresh bermuda grown from seed. Thanks again Devil Dog!

    • It depends on the bottles you have. Some are designed for thicker liquids so they empty fast with thin. Mix the amount you want to put out… then think with water so you get that amount of PRODUCT… on your lawn. Hope that makes sense.

  67. I watched you video on your new John Deer mower. How about doing one on you favorite walk behind mower and how to set it up and adjust it. Some of us have very small yards.

  68. Doc, Just put down a bunch of Bermuda sod today. Plan on putting some starter fertilizer on it tomorrow. Will it hurt to add some Humic DG at the same time as the fertilizer?

    • Humic can go down anytime. There’s nothing in it that could hurt a lawn or sod. Be careful what you put out though.
      Don’t use any slow release this time of year. I’d really rather see you hit it with liquid lawn.

  69. Hey Doc, what’s your opinion on these homemade fertilizers you see on Pinterest? They usually have beer and soda mixed with other household ingredients. Could you do a video about them and test them to see how well they work?

    • Nope….. I don’t do “home-made” stuff. With all the great products on the market and all the R&D that gets poured into them, there is no reason to do it. The new organic will be my main fert from now on along with the super juice.

  70. Hey Doc!

    Sir you have to figure out how to paten and mass produce your super juice. The stuff is amazing! I wish I could share some before and afters with you and all your Doc minions.

    Thanks again for your hard work and knowledge!

  71. Saw you post on controling grubs. Have you ever looked into using MILKY SPORES they will kill grubs for upt to 10 years. When the grubs eat the spores they will kill the grubs and in the process the spores will multiply in the grubs and are added to the soil.

    • Nope….. the grub problem can be handled within a year and 2-3 treatments of what I posted. Milky Spores have little actual testing / research, but they mainly work on JAPANESE beetle grubs.

  72. Hey doc loving the new website and your great info. I live in south Mississippi where my wife and I just built a new home. I just tilled my yard and planted in common Bermuda and laid Bermuda Sod up around the house and driveway. I’m hoping I have a good two months of growing and would like to know what type fertilizer would you recommend me putting down to help speed the growth once germination occurs. I just ordered Humic DG the 40 lb sack and also the liquid lawn I am able to buy milorganite at my local Lowe’s. Any other advice you have would be appreciated.

    • Right now I would do nothing but super juice or liquid lawn. No MILO.
      You need food down fast and measured. Milo takes a few weeks to start working… and works SLOWER on new lawns.

      • One more question doc. i have part of my yard that is shaded for around 5 hours a day. i did not plant bermuda in that area when i planted few days ago. I’m wondering there is another turf grass that is shade tolerate and can grow in conjunction with bermuda that i can plant in that area

  73. Hey Doc,
    Greetings and Salutations from SW Oklahoma!
    I purchased a new home 3 months ago that had Riviera Bermuda sod installed 6 months before me purchasing the home hence it was not cared for. Following your advice on your videos I’ve restored the lawn, However I’ve been battling a Sandbur/sandspur infestation all summer long, I’ve tried 24D and image to no avail.
    I’m thinking perhaps lowering my mower deck to it’s lowest height of 1.25″ and bagging in order to pick up the sticker seed heads before they drop to the ground.
    Does this seem like a viable plan of attack?
    Any advice would be highly appreciated.
    BTW the humic DG 40lbs bags are out of stock….GRRRRRR

    • Hi there!! I live outside Norman, OK. I bought my home 2yrs ago and had the horrid goathead stickers too. Thankfully, my weed spray company was able to rid my acreage of them but now I am trying to take over the maintenance of my lawn myself. I have noticed that the weed control product Doc uses in his weed video should kill goathead. Bayer Advanced Season Long Weed Control for Lawns (Liquid) as well as the Spectracide
      Weed Stop Crabgrass Preventer Lawn Granules. I have put down the granuals so far as a fall preemergent. And as I am also fighting a continuing battle with spurge the Bayer Season Long will be put down soon. Hopefully, I will be able to bring my lawn up to snuff without all the weeds. Good Luck, OldArmyGuy

      • Howdy neighbor,
        I’m near Elgin, I again spot sprayed some Image with a added bit of 2-4d to the cocktail, that killed off most of the spurge, got a little bit of burn but Bermuda recovers quickly.
        I’ve also been mowing to the lowest height setting, and occasionally manually pulling the seed heads as I enjoy my evening cigar.
        I just sprayed the Bayer last weekend the spectracide will go down soon.

  74. Hey Doc, huge fan of the videos and my lawn looks the best it ever has! Love the super juice! Just curious if you think a surfactant will increase it’s efficacy? Why or why not? Thanks in advance!!!

  75. In looking a several videos that mention spring scalping, I am a little confused as to when to do it. I too live in middle Georgia. Do you do it before the sprigs of Bermuda come up? When the lawn is 50% green? or when it is almost all green? In the video on scalping, it looks like the grass is all brown.

  76. Any word on the new Organic Fertilizer becoming available? Also, once available, do you have an estimated cost per bag and coverage per bag?

    • Should be about 10 – 14 days. (today is 9/7 fyi) Cost is about $5 per 1000 / sq feet put out at a normal rate.

  77. Hello Doc, enjoy your videos like everybody else learning a lot on how to take care of my yard.
    I’m from Illinois, (64 years) I’m now, south of Tampa Florida, trying to learn how to work with Bermuda grass. I’ve been reading your recipe on super juice and you say to use pure ammonia, may I tell you, so you can tell your viewers, Little Bo Peep ammonia 2% ammonia 98% water is what you’re talking about.
    My yard is small, but I’m mixing your full recipe, but putting that in a 2.5 gal jug, that way I keep mixing, and Mixing.
    Please keep the Videos coming, enjoying them All.

  78. Just got CRUSHED in Dallas with a TON of rain and my granular pre-emerge was supposed to go down today. I NOW also have a bunch of areas I NEED to topdress due to some leveling/drainage issues! Doc…. Topdress THEN Pre-emerge? Or Vice-Versa?

  79. Hi Doc,
    Really enjoy all the info and research you do, along with the videos. Question, i just put down the Barricade granular pre-emergent. What are your feeling on pets once it goes down. I know you have dogs and wonder how harmful it could be? Thanks much! Curt from Dallas…

  80. Hi Doc

    I hope all is well. I was wondering what storage containers or bags you use to store granular products. I don’t intend on storing my products for a long period of time, I just want to seal them up for when I put out light coats of granular product.

    PS your dogs are super cute.

  81. Doc I have been trying to use the super juice and have gone through numerous hose end sprayers and the stuff just seems to be to thick. Any recommendations? I can’t get it to spray and I’m wasting some money. But love your videos and ideas. Thanks.

    • If it’s a liquid type bottle… it’s tough. The ones designed for thicker liquids work better. I know… pisses me off as well. But I love the PRESSURE mist they produce. Need to find a source for empty ones. Get on that for me. lol

      • Hey! grey CUTTER brand backyard mesquito bottles have worked really well for me with the super juice! (Even better if you take the straw out and just slightly “stretch” the nozzle hole with a pin or scribe) …The Ironite ready spray bottle is pretty good too!

  82. Doc,

    I wanted to know the type of bermuda you have. Is it common Bermuda or some type of hybrid, like a tifway 419?

  83. Doc, can you provide a specific recipe for the super juice? like how much water to humic DG, how much liquid lawn, and how much liquid iron.


  84. Hi Doc. I watched your video on pressure washing my fence and that was very helpful. Are you planning on the correct way to stain the fence. Thank you so much.

  85. Hey Doc , amazon said this new innova. Is not in stock , and don’t know when or if it will be back in stock??? If. ???

  86. Doc, was rehabbing my very bad Bermuda grass lawn in the Myrtle Beach area – was really greening up nicely using Liquid Lawn and Humic DG (separately) before the hurricane. 11″ of rain has turned 80% of it brown. It’s a complete sopping sponge out there… Any advice???

  87. Your Innova video indicated that you were adjusting your treatments to just Innova & Super Juice (and I assume pre-emergent).

    Any plan to “adjust” your Bermuda calendar for those of us that will switch to Innova?

  88. Hey Doc, I watched your video on HVAC filters and was wondering if maybe using a stand alone air purifier would be better than using the expensive, highly restrictive, air filters. Several HVAC technicians have explained to me that the less restrictive filters are best for energy efficiency and maximizing the life of the HVAC unit. Leave the air purification in your home to the devices designed for cleaning the air in your home. Just a thought.

  89. I have a Scott’s edge guard spreader. What number setting should I Ben using for the organic fertilizer you just realiced

  90. Are there any good organic pre-emergents granular product? I was wondering as I am going to put some out in the next month or so, thanks

  91. Do you apply all you Bifen and Permethin by a hose end sprayer? Also are you using Anderson’s Barricade for your pre-emergent? I know you said you want to look into more organic stuff

  92. Doc, a little confused here. When you spray the Super Juice, do you water it in further, or just let it absorb thru the grass blades? Thanx.

  93. Just watched the Army worm video lots of useful information. I do have one of those brown patches in my lawn. I was wondering now that the damage is done how do I repair it so late in the season?

  94. Hi Doc! I live in North Georgia, recently discovered your channel and have enjoyed your videos! I have improved my Bermuda lawn immensely thanks to your website/videos. I have 2 questions, the first of which I’m sure you’re getting tired of answering. Do you have any updates on the organic fertilizer? I’m checking daily but still not available. This will be my first time fertilizing with anything not named Milorganite so I’m anxious.

    2nd question… Thanks to your video’s I have my front yard (Bermuda) looking awesome, but my backyard is wooded, very shady and not Bermuda friendly. I purchased this home 18 months ago, the previous owners look to have tried fine fescue from what I can tell but much like the front yard-Bermuda they left it to waste. As of now there’s more weeds than anything. Lots of gravel/construction debris and rather sloped, I’m expecting this to be a tough process but I’m hoping you have a suggestion on how/what I should seed.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work! LB

  95. Hello Doc, How safe are the products you recommend for pets? Recently started using humec dg, and super juice. It’s working great. Just a little concerned about the pre-emergent. A video on pet safe products would be nice. That way I can show the wife. Thanks

    • They’re fine… just read the label, they talk about pets. The DG products are the safest way to apply with pets FYI.

  96. OK Doc — here’s one: If the Barricade pre-emergent has the same type of action as the Humic DG (breaking down when wet) can you add a Barricade slurry to the Super Juice and literally do an all-in-one application???

  97. Hi Doc ,
    I noticed s problem unexpected weed are showing up , it s late September maybe some rye grass not sure I applied the crab grass a weed control you mentioned but it dosnt seem to help . I’m thinking like better act fast maybe with the pre emergent? Please help asap

  98. Hi Doc ,
    I’ve been collecting my super juice ingredients and can’t wait to try the recipe out … it was 98 degrees this week of September just wondering is it too late in the season to do the application ❓scotty the novice Bermuda guy

  99. Doc, thanks for recommending the new Acid amino fertilizer. I bought some again today when the stock came back in Amazon. I seen result on my lawn when I used several week ago. Thanks you so much for all the good suggestion. Keep up the good work.

  100. Doc, I just mixed up my first batch of super juice. After agitating the water/Humic DG mix a lot, I strained it through a fine mesh. When I went to pour that into the Liquid Lawn/Liquid Iron mix, I noticed a fair amount of real fine sediment in the bottom of the bucket. Is that stuff supposed to go into the spray bottle or to be discarded on the flower beds like the stuff in the strainer?

  101. Hi Doc! I utilized the humic dg product, along with the liquid lawn and liquid iron and sorry to say, my grass is now completely burnt and is not growing back. Anything I can do? Appears I will have to pay to re-sod the yard. Attempted to grow rye grass, since the Bermuda is not growing back, but it’s not growing either. Whatever you recommend would be appreciated and hope you can help. I’m out of Houston,TX… Take care

    • I’m assuming it’s drought related? Nothing you put on would burn it. Lot’s of water, check for army worms, and it should be fine.

    • Army worms have ravaged this whole area here In Royse City, TX! Like I have farmers getting literally HUNDREDS of ACRES! I stopped them right when I caught them. ALL of my neighbors seriously have NO MORE grass and their yards were consumed in less than 4-5 days since they moved through! You may be too late but hopefully they just took you down to just runners and it will grow back before dormancy! I had “dead” areas and dumped HUMIC DG on it. Rain came through and got it going, little liquid lawn and iron and BAM my Bermuda is back baby! Doc is the MAN

        • I didn’t know this was even a real big thing! (I’m originally from Virginia Beach, VA) I thought I had the Bermuda Smut my local extension said was going around. Then I found literally HUNDREDS of worms last Saturday night just munching away! AND I MEAN HUNDREDS. I smoked em right there with some Ortho defense, put down the Spectricide granulars and just ordered the Bifen. Thank you SO MUCH DOC!

  102. 9 years ago I sodded my yard with something called Tifway 419
    Bermuda here in Fort Worth, TX. It looks great but doesn’t seem to grow full and thick like standard Bermuda. We also have a lot of limestone that you commonly hit some piece or full rock anywhere you jab a shovel in the ground. 1) should I try to probe and remove as much stone as possible? 2) plant a more common Bermuda? 3) don’t ask impossible questions? 🙂 Thanks! Mark

    • I would flood it with super juice every 2 weeks and keep it as low as you can. (water needed)
      It SHOULD thicken up.

  103. Hey Doc,
    Will you be doing a video explaining how you apply the liquid pre-emergent? Little confused since you have to products up don’t know which to use 🤷🏽‍♂️

    BTW, really appreciate the hard work ! Shout out from Lawrenceville, GA ✌🏼

  104. I was all set to order a 100 foot Zero G garden hose per Doc’s recommendations…TILL I read the reviews on Amazon. More then half of these hoses developed leaks within a year …that’s no jueno and I was disappointed Doc would recommend this !

    • We now have 11 of the hoses… they stay outdoors all the time. Some are 3 years old I believe.
      Never a leak and we ABUSE THEM.

  105. Hey Doc, do you still recommend putting down a 10-10-10 fertilizer in the beginning of October? I recently rewatched your “How to Winterize Your Lawn” video, and was wondering if that recommendation has changed.

    • I would stick with superjuice until the grass goes dormant. You can keep putting it on as long as it’s growing.

  106. hey Doc, the lawn sprayer you used in the video is not the same as your product link. I tried searching Amazon but could not find it, I really don’t want to pay $20 vs $8 txs Curt

  107. Hey Doc, I live down here in Peachtree City and am fighting a Goosegrass battle in my back yard. I don’t see many post-emergents that will take out the GG without killing my Bermuda as well. Any suggestions? Also, if I’m going to put out granular pre-emergent or fertilizer, would you suggest I de-thatch? I would say I have a medium-heavy thatch cover… or should I just wait on that until early spring and just stick with liquid post/pre-emergents until then?


    • It’s NOT legal to use on home lawns FYI… but this is the only thing I know of that did work.
      MSMA Target 6 Plus
      Again… I’m not saying use it as it is no longer approved for residential lawns, but man… it was the KING of post emergents in its day.

  108. Instead of a hose end sprayer, can I just use a backpack sprayer and get the same results with the super juice?

    • You can… you just have to figure out the distribution rates. i.e. if your tank covers 5000 sq ft, use enough to to cover it.

  109. I have Kentucky Blue grass not Bermuda but is most of your advice good for all types of grass

  110. Hello Doc, Just wanted to let you know we really appreciate all the videos you put up. I live in Houston Tx and I’m a 1st time house owner. I’m really thankful for the free education I get from lawn maintenance to around the house stuff. I have a corner lot and a lot of my neighbors don’t pick up after their dogs after they go in my yard, Is there anything I can put on my lawn to keep them from going on my yard that won’t harm the pets? Secondly do you have a video on staining fence ? I have seen the house siding cleaner video and different cleaners w/ pressure washing on fence video and on one of those you mentioned staining fence but I’ve gone back several times and I haven’t seen one. Thanks again Doc

  111. Hey Doc, I had Bermuda grass sod laid down late last spring. I had some trouble with it browning out but used superjuice and it came back. Now, in March of 2019 there are many patches of deep green fairly wide blades of some kind of grass throughout a brown lawn. The brown lawn is thinner blades of grass which I believe is the Bermuda grass. Am I wrong? How do I identify crabgrass? My lawn is showing weeds coming up throughout so I intend to use pre-emergent and weed killer and superjuice. I am in South Carolina. Thanks for your help!

  112. Doc,
    First, thank you for what you do for the common home owner that is concerned with keeping a healthy and attractive lawn. I’m located a little further north so have Fescue grass; however, much of the information you provide is also very helpful to me and my neighbors.

    Second, does Super Juice include a surfactant? If not, would it be beneficial to add a little to reduce surface tension during application?


    • No, a surfactant is not needed really. Once a liquid dries on the plant the plant really can take up any more nutrients. So after 4-6 hours that’s done. Water into the ground.

  113. Doc, thanks for all the information you put out. I have a question when it comes to the weed control and the products you’ve listed. I live next door in Alabama. After all the rain we’ve gotten, along with the recent warm temperatures the weeds went from a little clover to a lot of everything. The poa annua isn’t bad yet. Can the BioAdvanced season long with a preemergent for the winter weeds be used in conjunction with the Image for the poa annua, or is that too much for the Bermuda?

    • You could do both, I have in the past. You MIGHT get a little set back on the bermuda but nothing major.

  114. Doc, What’s is the best way to scalp my Bermuda. The lowest mower setting I have is 1.25 inch. I will probably grow up to 2 inch just because. I would like to scalp lower if possible. What is your suggestion.

    • If that’s as low as you can go… that’s pretty much it other than calling a lawn service to come scalp.

  115. Hey Doc – I definitely fall under the category from your last video about lawns that are covered in weeds, however I put sod down roughly 1 year ago. Is it safe for me to apply pre emergent as mentioned?

    • Yes, I think one light coat of the spray Dimension might be the best bet. Won’t impact rooting too much.

  116. Hey doc, I live in KY and at my current house I have a beautiful fescue lawn. I have a few Bermuda patches I fight with every year tho. Sad thing is I’m moving and leaving my beautiful grass behind. I’m tired of fighting the inevitable and having Bermudagrass always creep in so I’m giving into it, after watching ur videos I have a new found love for this grass and want to try a Bermuda lawn. The new house I’m moving to has several patches of Bermudagrass and a lot of weeds. I’ve watched ur video on transforming ur neighbors yard and loved it. That’s what I will be going for at my new house. My question is up here in KY Bermudagrass is kind of considered a weed to most people, so the Bermudagrass growing in this lawn is more than likely something that got introduced(not in the sod) from another lawn via lawn mower or bird or something. A lot of Bermudagrass here dosnt have that deep green color I love so I’m kind of worried this grass in the yard will be a pale light green color I don’t want, like common Bermudagrass. Should I try to restore this grass or would I be better off putting a good quilty seed down and start over?

    • My inclination is to buy some GOOD quality seed that produces a fine blade turf and wait until temps are in the 80s constantly. That my be the fix that costs a few hundred vs 1000s. Worth a shot.

    • I’m assuming you mean the OLD formula that you mixed? I honestly don’t know what reactions take place after that long.

  117. Doc after following your advice of scalping the yard and using super juice weekly for a period of time should I keep the grass short to allow the root system to develop/spread or let it grow to say 1” in height before mowing it again?

  118. Hi. I am using the ortho dial sprayer and have just bought the super juice. I am in NC and want to know what I should set the dial on for 1 cup of SJ. I know you said something about the other sprayers but I have this one for now. Also how many gallons of water do I use to mix the super juice

  119. Quick question. My Bermuda on one part of my lawn is a year old and I have lots of crabgrass. It’s August now in NC. Do I kill the crab grass now or wait till the lawn goes dormant? So confused.

    • You can… spray with a “Bermuda friendly” crabgrass killer, leave for 3-5 days. Cut low and put out PGF to encourage fill in.

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