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Fixing Lawn Problems in June

Fixing Lawn Problems in June Doc returns to the farm property to find all kinds of problems. The past week is fixing ugly lawns, gardens, and doing repairs.  Fixing Lawn Problems Video No Spam… Just […]

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Lawn Disease and Lawn Insect Damage

Lawn Disease and Lawn Insect Damage The warmer temps and humid conditions of late spring bring lawn disease and often lawn insects.  Doc shows some of the damage that can be done to your when […]

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Spring Lawn Fungus

Small Webs on Lawn?  Lawn Fungus If you see the small webs on your lawn and they are in in great numbers, it’s probably dollar spot lawn fungus.  These webs that disappear with the morning […]

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Kill Lawn Fungus and Stop Lawn Disease

Treating your lawn for fungus and disease should be done as soon as the problem starts.  You should also prevent lawn fungus and lawn diseases by putting down a lawn disease preventative.  In this video […]