Power Reel Mowers

Doc stresses a few points about power reel mowers.  Understand that while price is a factor, he mainly focuses on the FUNCTION of the reel mowers. It’s critical that your reel mower match your cutting needs and style or else you simply won’t like using it.

Why Mclane Reel Mowers?

Doc has now started to recommend Mclane mowers because of the VALUE… made in USA… and the ability to cut SLOWLY when you need to cut in tight restricted areas.

Where to buy the Reel Mower

Doc STRONGLY suggests you purchase from the distributor below. Not only do they retail them but will answer questions and stock parts. They start around $1500 with shipping.

Tight Spaces? Corners? Fences? Gardens?

Summary… I want the engine RPM to remain the SAME SPEED while at the same time slowing down to a CRAWL to focus on tight spaces, curves, gardens, etc.  The TRU CUT reel mower is the only unit made with DUAL CLUTCHES that allow the engine RPM to remain constant, yet you can slow down to NOTHING… barely  moving…  and keep cutting.