Green Shocker Lawn Fertilizer

greenshocker lawn fertilizer

New GreenShocker is a high-tech, all fast release, HIGH-TECH DG granular, lawn fertilizer that works as fast as a liquid, but with less mess and TIME involved than most sprays. Apply with any lawn spreader and water in.

See a quick green up in little as 48-72 hours and in 4-7 days see a super thick green lawn start to form.  This product can be applied to any type of turf grass both warm season or cool season lawn.  1/2 acre of lawn can be treated in roughly 15 minutes. 

Why and when to use Greenshocker ™ Lawn Fertilizer

Most fertilizers are slow release and made for the “basic consumer” to help them avoid mistakes and feed for longer periods.  They release their nutrients SLOWLY over an 8 week period.  The problem is we often OVER fertilize to get the lawn greener and fuller.  One treatment of slow release was not enough, so another is added.  This “slow release buildup” can cause issues and burning.   

You are in TOTAL control with GreenShocker ™

  Have an event at your house next week? Want to PUNCH UP the green of your lawn? Lawn looking a little weak and light green from all the recent rain?  GreenShocker can be applied as a supplemental BOOST that will green up your lawn start in 72 hours if applied as described. 

Need quick feeding for the spring? – GreenShocker ™ 

Want to feed in the fall but don’t want a fertilizer that will feed for weeks and weeks into the cold weather? – GreenShocker ™

Just scalped your lawn and need an extra push? – GreenShocker ™

How to use GreenShocker

GreenShocker ™ can be applied to ANY type turf / grass either warm season or cool season. It should be applied during active growing seasons.


It’s very important to understand that unlike most fertilizers, which contain SLOW release nutrients, GreenShocker ™ is all FAST release.  It is designed to work rapidly and give the turf manager total control of nutrient release.  Do NOT over apply it. 

Always set your spreader at the SMALLEST opening that will allow product to flow. On most spreaders this will be roughly 1/8″ openings or just above 1/8″.

  • Cut your lawn prior to applying so you do not need to cut for the next 48 hours.
  • Apply GreenShocker ™ at a LIGHT rate. One 16lb bag will treat roughly 4500 sq feet. This equates to roughly 3.5 lbs per 1000 sq ft. 
  • Blow off sidewalks and driveways as the iron may cause small stains.
  • Immediately water into the lawn / soil
  • Water the lawn every 12 hours for the next 48 hours. Skip watering if rain even occurs.

You will see a darker green in as little as 48 – 72 hours and within 7 days a visibly darker green, lush growth.  The effects and color generally last 2-3 weeks. After 3 weeks another light coat may be applied.   

Ordering GreenShocker

GreenShocker can be purchased via Amazon September 1st, 2021