From the videos you can GATHER that Doc really likes to use old fertilizer / chemical bottles. The ones he buys for pests, fungicide, etc. He saves those and uses them for other applications.  Why? because the put off a HIGH pressure flat spray that has more MIST than most hose end sprayers made today.  You have to LEARN however, how many bottles it takes to cover your lawn so you get the application rates correct which can be tough.   Out of all the retail sprayers sold the one below is the best one he has found. The bottles below are sold in a TWO pack and are the 20:1 ratio Doc likes.

WARNING:  These bottles may sell out. Other sellers may try and sell similar.  Do not buy 30:1 ratio  bottles. Look for the 20:1 bottles. Do NOT pay more than $19 for two bottles. 



5 Gallon bucket with spigot. Makes filling bottles super easy.








Not as FINE of a spray as the above, but it has the control features often needed when spraying chemicals.


  • Fits onto any hose end
  • Adjustable rate precision dial offers 16 mixing ratios
  • Sprays up to 100 gallons
  • Built-in Anti-Siphon feature prevents backflow
  • Fill, Set, Spray! It automatically mixes liquid concentrate with water