Lawn insect killers and control.

Best THICK gloves.

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#1 Best All Around Pest and ARMY WORMS

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Treats a LOT of square footage FYI.

If actively treating armyworms it can be applied at 1/2 ounce per 1000 sq ft.






Here are the products Doc likes.

AWESOME product for armyworms and grubs. Apply this late afternoon and wet into the grass / soil lightly. Within hours you’ll start to see results.  GREAT on armyworms.








Permethin SFR is a very safe insecticide when used as shown on label.  Safe around kids and pets both indoors and outdoors.  It has a 30+ day residual outdoor life and 90 day indoor life.  It’s also fairly affordable at roughly $30 per 32 ounces of concentrate.

If applying to lawn and landscape we apply at .8 (just under one ounce) per 1000 sq ft.

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Lawn Grub Killer


  • Trichlorfon 6.2%
  • Dylox 6.2 is for use in and around landscape flowers, shrubs, trees, landscape and recreational turf, golf courses, and residential turf.
  • Dylox 6.2 Kills and Controls Armyworms Cutworms Webworms Cranberry Girdlers Bluegrass Weevils Billbug Larvae Mole Crickets Chinch Bugs White Grubs





Grub Control Spray…

Spray Version…







For KILLING grubs… Sept – Oct